Wiley Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible 3rd (2015)

Wiley Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible 3rd (2015)


Part I. The Linux Command Line

Chapter 1. Starting with Linux Shells

Chapter 2. Getting to the Shell

Chapter 3. Basic bash Shell Commands

Chapter 4. More bash Shell Commands

Chapter 5. Understanding the Shell

Chapter 6. Using Linux Environment Variables

Chapter 7. Understanding Linux File Permissions

Chapter 8. Managing Filesystems

Chapter 9. Installing Software

Chapter 10. Working with Editors

Part II. Shell Scripting Basics

Chapter 11. Basic Script Building

Chapter 12. Using Structured Commands

Chapter 13. More Structured Commands

Chapter 14. Handling User Input

Chapter 15. Presenting Data

Chapter 16. Script Control

Part III. Advanced Shell Scripting

Chapter 17. Creating Functions

Chapter 18. Writing Scripts for Graphical Desktops

Chapter 19. Introducing sed and gawk

Chapter 20. Regular Expressions

Chapter 21. Advanced sed

Chapter 22. Advanced gawk

Chapter 23. Working with Alternative Shells

Part IV. Creating Practical Scripts

Chapter 24. Writing Simple Script Utilities

Chapter 25. Producing Scripts for Database, Web, and E-Mail

Chapter 26. Creating Fun Little Shell Scripts

Part V. Appendixes

Appendix A. Quick Guide to bash Commands

Appendix B. Quick Guide to sed and gawk