The Linux Command Line (2012)

The Linux Command Line (2012)


Part I. Learning the Shell

Chapter 1. What Is the Shell?

Chapter 2. Navigation

Chapter 3. Exploring the System

Chapter 4. Manipulating Files and Directories

Chapter 5. Working with Commands

Chapter 6. Redirection

Chapter 7. Seeing the World as the Shell Sees It

Chapter 8. Advanced Keyboard Tricks

Chapter 9. Permissions

Chapter 10. Processes

Part II. Configuration and the Environment

Chapter 11. The Environment

Chapter 12. A Gentle Introduction to vi

Chapter 13. Customizing the Prompt

Part III. Common Tasks and Essential Tools

Chapter 14. Package Management

Chapter 15. Storage Media

Chapter 16. Networking

Chapter 17. Searching for Files

Chapter 18. Archiving and Backup

Chapter 19. Regular Expressions

Chapter 20. Text Processing

Chapter 21. Formatting Output

Chapter 22. Printing

Chapter 23. Compiling Programs

Part IV. Writing Shell Scripts

Chapter 24. Writing Your First Script

Chapter 25. Starting a Project

Chapter 26. Top-Down Design

Chapter 27. Flow Control: Branching with if

Chapter 28. Reading Keyboard Input

Chapter 29. Flow Control: Looping with while and until

Chapter 30. Troubleshooting

Chapter 31. Flow Control: Branching with case

Chapter 32. Positional Parameters

Chapter 33. Flow Control: Looping with for

Chapter 34. Strings and Numbers

Chapter 35. Arrays

Chapter 36. Exotica