Ubuntu Linux For Dummies (2007)

Ubuntu Linux For Dummies (2007)

Part I: Starting Fast

Chapter 1. Ubuntu and U

Chapter 2. Live Ubuntu

Chapter 3. Preparing to Install Ubuntu

Chapter 4. Installing Ubuntu Linux

Chapter 5. Ubuntu 101

Part II: Networking and the Internet

Chapter 6. Zen and the Art of Ubuntu Networking

Chapter 7. Cut the Cord: Using Wireless Networking

Chapter 8. Broadening Your Horizons with Broadband

Chapter 9. Internet Old School: Using Dialup Modems

Chapter 10. Protecting Yourself with a Firewall

Part III: Working with Ubuntu Workstation

Chapter 11. Introducing GNOME

Chapter 12. GNOME's Going Places

Chapter 13. Printing with GNOME

Chapter 14. Firing up Firefox

Chapter 15. Evolution E-Mail, Calendars, and Addresses

Chapter 16. Opening Your Ubuntu Office with OpenOffice.org

Part IV: Multimedia

Chapter 17. Telephonic Ubuntu

Chapter 18. Instant Messaging

Chapter 19. Connecting to the Dark Side: Working Remotely on Windows

Chapter 20. Lyrical Ubuntu: Using Multimedia Applications

Chapter 21. Graphical Ubuntu

Part V: The Part of Tens

Chapter 22. Almost Ten Ubuntu Resources

Chapter 23. Almost Ten System-Administration Functions

Part VI: Appendixes

Chapter A. Tutti-Fruti Ubuntu

Chapter B. Stupendous OpenSSH Tricks

Chapter C. About the CD