Excel® 2016 Formulas and Functions (2016)

Excel® 2016 Formulas and Functions (2016)

Part I: Mastering Excel Ranges and Formulas

1. Getting the Most Out of Ranges

2.Using Range Names

3.Building Basic Formulas

4.Creating Advanced Formulas

5.Troubleshooting Formulas

Part II: Harnessing the Power of Functions

6.Understanding Functions

7.Working with Text Functions

8.Working with Logical and Information Functions

9.Working with Lookup Functions

10.Working with Date and Time Functions

11.Working with Math Functions

12.Working with Statistical Functions

Part III: Building Business Models

13.Analyzing Data with Tables

14.Analyzing Data with PivotTables

15.Using Excel’s Business Modeling Tools

16.Using Regression to Track Trends and Make Forecasts

17.Solving Complex Problems with Solver

Part IV: Building Financial Formulas

18.Building Loan Formulas

19.Building Investment Formulas

20.Building Discount Formulas