Excel 2016 Formulas (2016)

Excel 2016 Formulas (2016)

Part I: Understanding Formula Basics

Chapter 1: The Excel User Interface in a Nutshell

Chapter 2: Basic Facts About Formulas

Chapter 3: Working with Names

Part II: Leveraging Excel Functions

Chapter 4: Introducing Worksheet Functions

Chapter 5: Manipulating Text

Chapter 6: Working with Dates and Times

Chapter 7: Counting and Summing Techniques

Chapter 8: Using Lookup Functions

Chapter 9: Working with Tables and Lists

Chapter 10: Miscellaneous Calculations

Part III: Financial Formulas

Chapter 11: Borrowing and Investing Formulas

Chapter 12: Discounting and Depreciation Formulas

Chapter 13: Financial Schedules

Part IV: Array Formulas

Chapter 14: Introducing Arrays

Chapter 15: Performing Magic with Array Formulas

Part V: Miscellaneous Formula Techniques

Chapter 16: Importing and Cleaning Data

Chapter 17: Charting Techniques

Chapter 18: Pivot Tables

Chapter 19: Conditional Formatting

Chapter 20: Using Data Validation

Chapter 21: Creating Megaformulas

Chapter 22: Tools and Methods for Debugging Formulas

Part VI: Developing Custom Worksheet Functions

Chapter 23: Introducing VBA

Chapter 24: VBA Programming Concepts

Chapter 25: Function Procedure Basics

Chapter 26: VBA Custom Function Examples

Part VII: Appendixes

Appendix A: Excel Function Reference

Appendix B: Using Custom Number Formats