My Excel 2016 (2016)

My Excel 2016 (2016)

Chapter 1: Understanding the Microsoft Excel Interface

Chapter 2: Working with Workbooks and Templates

Chapter 3: Working with Sheets

Chapter 4: Getting Data onto a Sheet

Chapter 5: Selecting and Moving Data on a Sheet

Chapter 6: Formatting Sheets and Cells

Chapter 7: Advanced Formatting

Chapter 8: Using Formulas

Chapter 9: Using Functions

Chapter 10: Sorting Data

Chapter 11: Filtering and Consolidating Data

Chapter 12: Distributing and Printing a Workbook

Chapter 13: Inserting Subtotals and Grouping Data

Chapter 14: Creating Charts and Sparklines

Chapter 15: Summarizing Data with PivotTables

Chapter 16: Inserting SmartArt, WordArt, and Pictures

Chapter 17: Introducing the Excel Web App