Excel 2016 Power Programming with VBA (2016)

Excel 2016 Power Programming with VBA (2016)


Part I. Introduction to Excel VBA

Chapter 1. Essentials of Spreadsheet Application Development

Chapter 2. Introducing Visual Basic for Applications

Chapter 3. VBA Programming Fundamentals

Chapter 4. Working with VBA Sub Procedures

Chapter 5. Creating Function Procedures

Chapter 6. Understanding Excel’s Events

Chapter 7. VBA Programming Examples and Techniques

Part II. Advanced VBA Techniques

Chapter 8. Working with Pivot Tables

Chapter 9. Working with Charts

Chapter 10. Interacting with Other Applications

Chapter 11. Working with External Data and Files

Part III. Working with UserForms

Chapter 12. Leveraging Custom Dialog Boxes

Chapter 13. Introducing UserForms

Chapter 14. UserForm Examples

Chapter 15. Advanced UserForm Techniques

Part IV. Developing Excel Applications

Chapter 16. Creating and Using Add-Ins

Chapter 17. Working with the Ribbon

Chapter 18. Working with Shortcut Menus

Chapter 19. Providing Help for Your Applications

Chapter 20. Leveraging Class Modules

Chapter 21. Understanding Compatibility Issues

Part V. Appendix

A. VBA Statements and Function Reference