Excel VBA Programming For Dummies, 4th Edition (2015)

Excel VBA Programming For Dummies, 4th Edition (2015)


Part I. Getting Started with Excel VBA Programming

Chapter 1. What Is VBA?

Chapter 2. Jumping Right In

Part II. How VBA Works with Excel

Chapter 3. Working in the Visual Basic Editor

Chapter 4. Introducing the Excel Object Model

Chapter 5. VBA Sub and Function Procedures

Chapter 6. Using the Excel Macro Recorder

Part III. Examples

Chapter 7. Essential VBA Language Elements

Chapter 8. Working with Range Objects

Chapter 9. Using VBA and Worksheet Functions

Chapter 10. Controlling Program Flow and Making Decisions

Chapter 11. Automatic Procedures and Events

Chapter 12. Error-Handling Techniques

Chapter 13. Bug Extermination Techniques

Chapter 14. VBA Programming Examples

Part IV. Communicating with Your Users

Chapter 15. Simple Dialog Boxes

Chapter 16. UserForm Basics

Chapter 17. Using UserForm Controls

Chapter 18. UserForm Techniques and Tricks

Chapter 19. Accessing Your Macros through the User Interface

Part V. Putting It All Together

Chapter 20. Creating Worksheet Functions - and Living to Tell about It

Chapter 21. Creating Excel Add-Ins

Part VI. The Part of Tens

Chapter 22. Ten VBA Questions (and Answers)

Chapter 23. (Almost) Ten Excel Resources

Chapter 24. Ten VBA Do’s and Don’ts