Professional Team Foundation Server 2013 (2013)

Professional Team Foundation Server 2013 (2013)

Part I: Getting Started

Chapter 1: Introducing Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server 2013

Chapter 2: Planning a Deployment

Chapter 3: Installation and Configuration

Chapter 4: Connecting to Team Foundation Server

Part II: Version Control

Chapter 5: Overview of Version Control

Chapter 6: Using Centralized Team Foundation Version Control

Chapter 7: Distributed Version Control with Git and Team Foundation Server

Chapter 8: Version Control in Heterogeneous Teams

Chapter 9: Migration from Legacy Version Control Systems

Chapter 10: Branching and Merging

Chapter 11: Common Version Control Scenarios

Part III: Project Management

Chapter 12: Introducing Work Item Tracking

Chapter 13: Customizing Process Templates

Chapter 14: Managing Teams and Agile Planning Tools

Chapter 15: Reporting and SharePoint Dashboards

Chapter 16: Project Server Integration

Part IV: Team Foundation Build

Chapter 17: Overview of Build Automation

Chapter 18: Using Team Foundation Build

Chapter 19: Customizing the Build Process

Chapter 20: Release Management

Part V: Administration

Chapter 21: Introduction to Team Foundation Server Administration

Chapter 22: Scalability and High Availability

Chapter 23: Disaster Recovery

Chapter 24: Security and Privileges

Chapter 25: Monitoring Server Health and Performance

Chapter 26: Testing and Lab Management

Chapter 27: Upgrading Team Foundation Server

Chapter 28: Working with Geographically Distributed Teams

Chapter 29: Extending Team Foundation Server