IDENTIFYING NEW FEATURES OF WORD 2016 - Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)

Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)


Tell Me Command

The new feature “Tell Me what you want to do” finds tools on the ribbon easily. This tool is especially great for new users to Word; it allows the user to type words and phrases about the actions they would like to take next. It is quite efficient in taking you to features that you are most likely to use. In addition, it will also help you find actions you want to perform. “Tell Me” is quite efficient in finding tools, thereby saving you time and effort. When you type in your key word, tell me will provide you with shortcuts to some of the possible options.

To use the new feature Tell me:

Type your Search criteria in the Tell Me Box at the top of your ribbon.

While you are typing, some possible Results will be displayed.

For instance, if you are desirous of indenting your document, simply type “indentation” and Tell Me will bring back the Insert Indentation commands.

You can view previous commands in Tell me:

Click in the Tell Me box.

The Recently Used drop-down listing will appear.

You will see the last five commands displayed that you have performed from within Tell Me.

Real Time Team Work

You can collaborate on a document with Word 2016 or Word Online. You may work simultaneously with your colleague whom you can share the document with. Furthermore, both you and your colleague can see changes that are made by each other to the document. You can also see the position of the cursor on the document where the changes are being made. It should be noted that both users will need to be operating Office 2016 Preview. Editing permission should also be given to the person you want to share the document with. Therefore, each user will need to agree to share changes in order to view work in real time.

In order to opt in to real-time co-authoring:

Access a Document stored on OneDrive for Business or on SharePoint Online.

Choose Yes to share changes that you have made.

Smart Lookup

Smart Lookup provides you with insights by giving you the option of researching a word or phrase. To use Smart Look:

Choose the Word or Phrase, you would like to find information on.

Right-click on the Word or Expression.

Choose the Arrow at the right edge of the moving toolbar.

A menu will be displayed.

Select Smart Lookup.

Locate the Ribbon.

Choose Smart Look up on the Review table.

You will see the Insight pane displaying information pertaining to your search.

Ink Equations

Your math equations are so much simpler with the new ink equations. To use this function to aid you with challenging math’s equations:

Locate Insert.

Click on Equation.

Click on Ink Equation.

However, you can use a touch stylus or your fingers to write the math’s equation and Word 2016 will change it to text. You also have the option of correcting the equation where necessary during the process.

Improved Version History

Users will now be able to view a history of all the changes they have made to their documents. Moreover, users will also have access to earlier versions of their documents. If you desire to open a previous version:

Select the File tab.

Choose History.

Select the version you desire to restore in the History pane.

Simpler Sharing

Users can now share their document with their colleagues on SharePoint, One-Drive, or One-Drive for Business. Simplified sharing allows you to quickly invite others to review or edit your documents. You can save your file to the cloud and make it available to others without having to navigate from your work.

To share your file:

Choose Share (above the ribbon that is located on the right side).

Select Save (if the document was previously stored on the cloud).

Choose Save As.

Select the Target folder on the right.

Invite Other persons.

Determine if they can Edit or only View files.

Improved Shape Formatting

User can now get the look they desire with the Shapes gallery. Users are now able to quickly choose from a variety of preset fill and theme color to enhance the appearance of their shapes.