PRESENTING INFORMATION IN COLUMNS - Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)

Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)


Text can be shown in different columns. You can review the standard options for dividing text into columns in the Column’s gallery. In order to present your information in columns:

Choose the Paragraphs.

Tap on the Columns button.

Select the number of Columns desired.

You may need to align the document content with the column edges:

Click at the start of the first paragraph.

Press Shift+Ctrl+End.

Select the Justify button.

The spacing between the words will be in sync with the left and right margin.

You may need to extend your Column Width:

Select More Columns on the Page Layout tab, at the bottom of the Columns gallery in order to open the Columns dialog box.

Enter the desired Space in the Spacing box.

Click on the Apply to arrow.

Select OK in order for the changes to be applied to the columns.