ADJUSTING AND PREVIEWING THE PAGE LAYOUT - Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)

Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)


When you work on your document in the print layout view, it simply means that you most likely know how the document will look on the printed page.

You can use commands from the Page setup group such as the Page Layout tab to modify the directions and margins of the page to fit your delivery and content method, while working in the document. You can also set up the document to show and print properly by changing the size of the paper, if you are planning to send the document at a page size other than that of the default.

It is also good to preview your document before you print it even though the page layout is visible in the Print Layout view section. This allows you to have a better overview of you document than when you are working straight into the content. For multiple page documents, previewing is very important but is even more useful for one page documents. By showing the Print page of the backstage view and then page through the document shown in the right pane, you will be able to preview your document. This view gives you an exact preview of how each of the pages of the document will appear when printed on whichever printer you use.

In case you are displeased with the appearance of the preview pane of the print page, you do not have to exit the backstage view to made changes. You can go to the left pane of the print page which gives you access to numerous commands that are available on the Page Layout tab that allows you to adjust the document settings such as the Orientation, Margins and Paper size while previewing their effects on the printed page.


With the Orientation, you can alter the direction in which a page is positioned on the paper. Portrait is the default orientation by which the page is longer than it is wide. Another orientation is Landscape, by which the page is broader than it is long. When you adjust the margins of your document, you basically change where the information can be displayed on each page. You can choose from a set of custom margins or from any of Word’s sets of already in place right, left, top and bottom margins. With the Paper size, you can change to any one of the available sizes for your chosen printer by selecting from a list.

To open the Page Setup dialog box, click on Page Setup on the Print Page which allows you to organize additional options if you want to arrange the settings for only particular sections of your document or if you want to arrange multiple print layout settings in one place. If you now have the settings as you desire, simply click on the Big Print button located at the top of the print page to send your document to the printer.

How to Preview a Document?

First you show the Backstage view.

Then click on Print page tab located in the left pane to show the print options and the preview of the document. You will realize that the navigator of the page that is under the preview pane signifies that the document will print on two pages and the preview pane does not show the document’s shaded background because the shading will not be printed.

How to Adjust the Margins of a Document?

Click on the Zoom Out button located on the lower right corner of the preview pane, until both pages of the document are shown side by side in the preview pane.

Click on Normal Margins, located in the Settings section of the Print page, to show the Margins menu. This is the same menu that will be seen when you click on the Margins button in the Page Setup group on the Page Layout Tab.

Click on Wide located on the Margins menu. You will see that the change is instantly replicated in the preview pane and the page navigator signifies that the document now consists of three pages.

Click on the Next Page button, located in the Page navigator, w twice to show the new third page.

Click on the Page Setup link located at the bottom of the left pane of the Print page, to show the Margins page of the Page Setup dialog box.

How to Change the Orientation of a Document?

Click on Landscape, located in the Orientation section. You will now see that the settings in the Margins section change so that the Left and Right are set at 1 inch and the Top and Bottom are set at 2 inches. This adjustment is reflected in the Preview section of the dialog box.

Click on Mirror Margins located in the Multiple Pages list, to show that you want to set the margins for the facing pages.

Type or click to set the Inside margin to 2 inches, which is located in the Margins Section.

Click on the Paper tab, located in the Page Setup dialog box. Then click on the Layout tab and you will find the options available on those pages. You then click on OK to go back to the Print page of the backstage view.

You can now explore with other print settings to see what and what is available for your printer.