HOW TO PREPARE DOCUMENTS FOR ELECTRONIC DISTRIBUTION? - Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)

Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)


Two ways in which you can distribute a complete document is by either:

Printing it on paper. Whenever you distribute a printed document, only the information printed on the document is seen by the reader.

Electronically. Whenever you electronically distribute a document, ensure that no private information is attached to the file and that it can only be seen by the persons who you are sending it to.

Documents tend to pass through numerous revisions by which they are analyzed by various re-viewers. Throughout this developmental process, documents may gather information that you might not need in the finishing version which also contains concealed tracked changes. Fortunately, if the finishing version is to be delivered as a printout then such unimportant information is not of concern. However, because it is now very common to electronically deliver information, this unimportant information will become available to everyone who wishes to read it.

In the properties of the document located on the info page of the backstage view is some information that is attached to the document. You can remove or adjust some types of information from this page and others from the Properties dialog box or the Document Panel. However, a tool named the Document Inspector is provided by Word which mechanizes the process of removing and finding all potentially confidential and inessential and information. After running the Document Inspector, an overview of its search results is shown and you now have the option of eliminating all the items found in each category.

Accessibility and Compatibility Checker

The Accessibility Checker and the Compatibility Checker are two other finalizing tools that are included in Word. The Accessibility Checker is a tool that identifies document configuring and features that may be hard for persons with particular types of disabilities to read or for confident devices like screen readers to access. The Compatibility Checker is a tool that identifies configurations and elements that are not supported in the previous versions of Word. After you have overcome compatibility and accessibility issues and removed all unnecessary information you can now mark your document as final in order for other persons will know that they must make any adjustments to the released document.