HOW TO DIGITALLY SIGN DOCUMENTS - Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)

Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)


When you have made a document that will be electronically distributed to other people, you may want to attach what is called a digital signature, which is an electronic seal of authentication. This digital signature is a confirmation of where the document originated and specifies that no one has altered the document since it was signed. If and only if changes are made to the document will the digital signature be removed from the document. To add a digital signature to a Word document:

You must first go to the backstage view of the Info page.

Click on Protect Document and then click on Add a Digital Signature after which a sign dialog box will pop up. However, if you do not have a digital ID installed on your computer, the ‘Get A Digital ID’ message box will pop up.

You then click Yes in the message to connect to Microsoft’s website which will direct you to a Microsoft partner site where you will get a digital ID.

Then click on the entry, which is located in the Commitment Type list, to specify whether you approved or created or created and permitted the document. You then enter the reason for attaching the digital signature to the document in the ‘Purpose for signing this document box’.

You then attach particular details to your digital signature by clicking on the Details button and then enter your title, name and the document’s production location address in the ‘Additional Signing Information’ dialog box after which you click on OK. If you want to show other information about the document you are signing and the source information kept with the signature, you can click on the ‘See Additional Information’ link.

Lastly, after you have finished entering and reviewing your signature information, click on Sign. Then you click on Yes when Word prompts you to confirm that you want to use the present digital certificate.

After the procedure, the document is marked as final, the editing and typing commands and proofing marks are turned off and the status property is set to final. You will then see flags on the Info Page which is indicating that the document has been signed and anyone who wishes to edit the document must first recognize and terminate the digital signature.