CATEGORIZE AND COORDINATE CONTENT - Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)

Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)


Rearranging Document Outline.

After you have gained access to this document carry out the subsequent steps:

Select Outline which is found on the View tab inside the Views group so that you can see the document in Outline view. Please not that you can see the document in the Outline view. Please note that unlike the other tools tab, the Outlining tab is not separated by a colored heading. This is so because it is always accessible whenever you are in Outline view.

Select the Options page tab found in the Backstage view to gain access to the Word Options dialog box.

Hold down Ctrl+Home to release the selection. Go now to the Outline Tools group inside the Show Level menu, select All Levels. It is now possible for you to go through the document to temporarily view the effects of re-arrangement.

Select the Close Outline View inside the Close group to show the reorganized document in the Print Layout view.

Rearranging a Document Contained in the Navigation Panel

Check the Navigation Pane section found in the Show group along the View tab. Please note that the Navigation Pane mirrors the adjustments you made to the document’s structure.

Inside the Navigation pane, pull the Accounting heading upwards and place it right above the Shipping heading in order to get the Accounting back to its former position.

Right-click any heading to show an option list of activities that can be done right there inside the Navigation panel.

You can explore the options accessible along the Navigation panel shortcut option list.