COPYING FORMATTING - Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)

Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)


Copying Formatting from Text

In order to copy format from text tap CTRL then SHIFT then C.

Using Copied Formatting with Text

To use copied formatting with text tap CTRL then SHIFT then V.

Altering Paragraph Alignment

Substituting Paragraphs from being Centered and Left-Aligned

You can change a paragraph between one that is centered and left-aligned by using CTRL+E.

Substituting a paragraph between justified and left-aligned

If you want to change a paragraph from being justified to left-aligned tap CTRL+J.

Substituting paragraph from being right-aligned to left-aligned

You can switch a paragraph from being right-aligned to left-aligned by using CTRL+R.

Left Aligning Your Paragraph

You may want your document to look uniform. To achieve this, you can left align your paragraph with the use of CTRL+L.

Left Indent Your Paragraph

You may also decide that you want left indent your paragraph. Left indenting your paragraph is simply just use CTRL+M.

Taking out a Left Paragraph indent

You may opt to right indent your paragraph and need to move the left indent. You can remove a left paragraph indent by using CTRL+SHIFT+M.

Your Hanging indent

Still, you can choose to do hanging indents. When doing hanging indents just press CTRL+T.

Decreasing your hanging indent

If you are reducing your hanging indent just press CTRL, then SHIFT then T.

Eliminating paragraph formatting

However, it you have chosen not to format your paragraph, you can eliminate a paragraph formatting simply use CTRL+Q.

Copying and Review Text Formats

Displaying Nonprinting Characters

You may choose to display non printing characters. In order to display characters that cannot be printed, press CTRL+SHIFT+*.

Reviewing Text Formatting

In order to review your text format use press SHIFT+F1 thereafter click the text with the formatting you are desirous of reviewing.

Copying Text Formats

You do not need to manually print text formats. You may copy them. In order to copy text formats, just tap CTRL+SHIFT+C.

Pasting Formats

If you do not want to copy your formats, you can paste them. In order to paste formats, press CTRL and SHIFT + V.

Establishing Your Line Spacing

To Set Single-Space Lines

Depending on the type of document that you are using, you may need to set single space lining. You can set your line space to the size suitable for your document by pressing CTRL+1.

To Set Double-Space Lines

There are some documents that need to be created using double space lines. In order to set double-space lines, press CTRL+2.

Setting your 1.5-line spacing

You can even set your line spacing to be 1.5. In order to set line spacing equating 1.5, you should press CTRL+5.

Adding or Eliminating One Line Space before A Paragraph

When you need to put an additional or eliminate one-line space before a paragraph you can press CTRL+0.

Applying Styles to Paragraphs

Opening Apply Styles Task Pane

If you are desirous of using your styles task pane, you may press CTRL then SHIFT then S.

Opening Styles Task Pane

In order to open Styles task pane, press ALT then CTRL then SHIFT then S.

Starting Auto-format

If you want to initiate AutoFormat, press ALT then CTRL then K.

The Normal Style

If you want to use the Normal style, press CTRL then SHIFT then N.

The Heading 1 style

To use the Heading 1 style, press ALT and CTRL and 1.

Using the Heading 2 style

There may be instances where you want to use the Heading 2 style just press ALT and CTRL then 2.

Using the Heading 3 style

You may however prefer to use the Heading 3 style, to do this just press ALT+CTRL+3.

To Close the Styles Task Pane

If the Styles task pane is not selected, press F6 to select it then press CTRL and SPACEBAR.

Use the arrow keys to select Close, and then press ENTER.

Inserting Special Characters

You May Insert a Field

If you what to insert a field, press CTRL and F9.

To Insert a Line Break

In order to insert a line break, press SHIFT+ENTER.

To Insert Page Break

In order to insert a page break, press CTRL+ENTER.

To Insert a Column Break

In order to insert A column, break, press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.

To Insert an Optional Hyphen

In order to insert an optional hyphen, press CTRL+HYPHEN.

To Insert a Nonbreaking Hyphen

In order to insert a nonbreaking hyphen, press CTRL then SHIFT then HYPHEN.

To Insert a Nonbreaking Space

In order to insert a nonbreaking space, press CTRL then SHIFT and SPACEBAR.

To Insert the Copyright Symbol

In order to insert the copyright symbol, press ALT then CTRL and C.

To Insert the Registered Trademark Symbol

If you want to insert the registered trademark symbol, press ALT+CTRL+R.

To Insert the Trademark Symbol

If you want to insert the trademark symbol, press ALT+CTRL then T.

To Insert an Ellipsis

If you want to insert an ellipsis, press ALT and CTRL then PERIOD.

To Insert a Single Opening Quotation Mark

If you want to insert a single opening quotation mark, press CTRL+` (single quotation mark), ` (single quotation mark).

Inserting A Single Closing Quotation Mark

If you want to insert a single closing quotation mark, press CTRL+ '

To Insert Double Opening Quotation Marks

If you want to insert double opening quotation marks, press CTRL+` and SHIFT+'.

To Insert Double Closing Quotation Marks

If you want to insert Double closing quotation marks, press CTRL+' and SHIFT+'.

To Insert an Autotext Entry

If you would like to insert and AutoText entry, press ENTER.

Insert characters by using character codes

Inserting the Unicode Character for the Specified Unicode (Hexadecimal)

In order to addition the Unicode character for the specified Unicode (hexadecimal) character code, take for example, if you want to insert the euro currency symbol (Euro currency symbol), type 20AC, depress the ALT button and press X, the tap the character code, ALT+X.

To Determine the Unicode Character Code for The Selected Character

If you want to determine the Unicode character code for a particular character, press ALT+X.

Placing the ANSI Character for the Identified ANSI (Decimal) Character Code

In order to add the ANSI character for the identified ANSI (decimal) character code, for instance, to insert the euro currency symbol just hold down ALT and press 0128 on the numeric keypad, press ALT+the character code using your numeric keypad.

Inserting and Editing Objects

Inserting an Object

You can to insert an object in your document by pressing ALT then N then J, next J to open the Object dialog box and then you may can do either of the following:

You may use the DOWN ARROW to choose an object type after which you should press ENTER to create an object; or

Press CTRL then TAB to shift to the Create from File tab next press TAB, and then you can type the file name of the object that you wish to insert or browse to the file.

Editing an Object

When you are editing an object, you should position the cursor to the left of the object in your document, next, choose the object by pressing SHIFT then RIGHT and ARROW, after which, press SHIFT and F10. You are required to the press the TAB key to shift to Object name, then press ENTER, and finally press ENTER again.

Adding SmartArt Graphics

You can add SmartArt graphics by pressing and releasing ALT then N and then M to choose SmartArt; then depress the arrow keys so that you can choose the type of graphic that you like; then press TAB, and then press the arrow keys to select the graphic that you choose to insert and finally press ENTER.

Inserting Your Word-art

Word Art can make your document more attractive, to achieve this, press and release ALT then N and W to select WordArt, you should then press the arrow keys to find the WordArt style that you like, thereafter press ENTER. Enter the text that you prefer. Press ESC to choose the WordArt object, and later use the arrow keys to change the object. Press ESC again to go back to the document.

Mail Merge and Fields

In order to access mail merge function on your keyboard, you need to press ALT and M, or you can click Mailings.

Previewing in Mail Merge

If you wish to preview a mail merge just use ALT and SHIFT, then K.

Merging your document

The commands to merge a document are ALT and SHIFT then N.

You Can Printing Your Merged Document

Word gives the opportunity to print your merged document, simply press ALT and SHIFT then M.

Editing a Mail-Merge Data Document Is Made Easy

Don’t panic if you have made an error, quickly edit your mail-merge data document to by simply using ALT and SHIFT along with E.

Inserting Your Merge Field

You should insert your merge field. Just use the keys ALT and SHIFT then F.

Working with the Merge Fields

Inserting a DATE field in your Document

Inserting a DATE field in your Document is easy to do this, use ALT and SHIFT and D.