INSERTING YOUR LISTNUM FIELD - Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)

Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)


You can also insert a LISTNUM field, doing this is easy, just press ALT then CTRL and L.

Inserting the PAGE Field Is Easy

To insert the PAGE field, all you need to do is use the ALT then SHIFT and P.

Do You Want to Insert Your Time Field?

All you need to do is press ALT and SHIFT then T.

Inserting an Empty Field

In order to insert an empty field, press CTRL then F9.

Updating Linked Information That Is Located in A Microsoft Word Source Document

If you would like to update linked information that is located in a Microsoft Word source document, you will need to use CTRL and SHIFT then F7.

Updating Selected Fields.

In order to update selected fields, press F9.

Unlinking A Field

If you want to unlink a field, pressing the keys CTRL, SHIFT and F9 will accomplish this.

Shifting Between a Particular Field Code and Its Respective Result

In order to shift between a particular field code and its result, press SHIFT then F9.

Shifting between all field codes and their accompanying results

In order to shift between all field codes and their accompanying results you need to press ALT and F9.

Word Language Bar

Set Proofing Language

All documents possess a default language which is usually the default language as your computer's operating system. There may be instances where your words or phrases may be in an unfamiliar language, it is suggested that proofing language is set for those words. When proofing language is set, it will do spell checking and also grammar.

Opening Your Language Dialog Box

It is important that the Set Proofing Language dialog box is open to produce an error free document. In order to do this, you should press ALT, R, U, L buttons.

Reviewing the List of Proofing Languages

In order to review and explore the list of proofing languages available, use the DOWN ARROW.

Setting Your Default Languages

You can also to set your default languages by pressing ALT, R + L.

The Function Key Reference

Function Keys

Getting Help or Visiting Office.Com.

If you need help you can use the function key F1.

Moving Your Text or Graphics

Moving your Text or Graphic is just easy with F2.

You May Repeat the Last Act

There may be times when you want a repeat the last action you can press F4.

Choosing the Go to Command

For you to use the Go to command, from the Home tab just press F5.

Do You Want to Go to Another Pane or Frame?

There may be instances when it becomes necessary for you to move to another pane or frame, press F6.

Choosing the Spelling Command

In order to choose the Spelling command on the Review tab, press F7.

Extending a Selection

You can extend a selection by pressing F8.

Updating the Selected Fields

In order to update the selected fields, press F9.

Showing the Key-Tips

In order to show Key-Tip, press F10.

Moving to the Next Field

In order to go to the next field, press F11.

Choosing the Save As command

In order to choose the Save As command, press F12.