MODIFYING TEXT - Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)

Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)


If you are not satisfied with your document, you can always edit it. There will be cases where you may need to shorten your sentences, change a word or even to edit a phrase. In addition, you may also need to edit a document to customize it for a different purpose. The document can be modified while you are creating it or you can change it later.

Inserting the contents of One Document into Another

You many need to insert the contents of an existing document into multiple or a single document.

Inserting Text

You can also insert your text. To do this:

Position your Cursor to where you want the text to be inserted.

Any text that had previously existed would move to the right of the cursor.

Deleting Text

Deleting text is very simple. To delete a cluster of characters or one character:

Position your cursor to the desired Location.

Hold down the Backspace or Delete key.

This will remove the characters.

When the Backspace button is used, the text to the left of the cursor will be deleted.

However, if the delete button is used, the text to the right will be deleted.

In removing a number of characters:

Highlight the selected Text.

Use your Delete button to delete the text. This will delete the character to the right of the cursor.

You can also select the text by dragging a segment of the Text.

Additionally, you can choose a word, a sentence or a paragraph, adjacent words, lines or paragraphs.

Selecting a Word

If you want to select a word:

Tap twice anywhere in Word.

You will notice that the word and the space will be selected, however, no punctuation following the word will be selected.

Selecting a Sentence

If you want to select a sentence:

Press down the Ctrl key.

Tap anywhere in the Sentence.

All the characters in the sentence will be selected, including the first character to the space following the punctuation mark.

To Select a Paragraph

When selecting a paragraph:

Click three times at any Location in the paragraph.

Word will choose the text of the paragraph and the paragraph mark.

Selecting Non-Adjacent Words, Lines or Paragraphs

When you are selecting non-adjacent words, lines, or paragraphs:

Select the First text.

Press he Ctrl key while choosing the Next Text Block.

After selecting the text, you want to delete, press either Backspace or Delete.

There may be instances where you want to change or copy the selected text, you may either Drag-and-drop editing Cut, Copy, and Paste buttons.

To drag-and-drop editing:

In order to drag and drop editing, you can use any of the above approaches mentioned above, thereafter:

Position your cursor over the Selection.

Tap on the Mouse Button.

Drag the selection to the Desired Location.

Release the Button of the mouse.

Depress the Ctrl button while you drag the Selection.

Cut, Copy, and Paste

This method should be used in cases where you are going to move or copy text between two places that will not be shown simultaneously.

In order to Cut, Copy, and Paste:

Choose the Text.

Tap the Cut or Copy button in the Clipboard group on the Home tab.

Place the Cursor in the new location.

Tap the Paste button to add/insert the selection.