FINDING AND REPLACING TEXT - Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)

Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)


It is important that the text in the document is accurate and consistent. The Find feature is very helpful to identify and review every instance of a specific word or phrase.

To find and replace text:

Click the Find button in the Editing group on the Home tab.

Type the Characters in the search box located at the top of the pane.

Word will highlight all instances of Characters found in the document. They will be displayed on the Results page.

You can also find precise capitalization of your search phrase:

Click the Search for More Things arrow located in the Navigation pane.

Tap Advanced Find to show the Find page of the Find and Replace dialog box.

Tap More.

Select Down, Up or All from the Search list, or

Select Match Case check box to identify only text that is similar to the capitalization of the search term.

Click More in the lower-left corner expands the dialog box to make additional search options available.

You can also eliminate instances of the search term that appear within other words by:

Choosing the Find Whole Words Only check box.

You can also find words with Similar beginning or Ending as your search term:

Choose Match Prefix or Match Suffix check box.

It is also simply to identify words with different hyphenation or spacing:

Choose the Ignore Punctuation Character, or you may also choose Ignore White-Space Characters check box.

You can choose to either replace the selected text in the Replace with box and move to the next occurrence or you can Replaces all instances with the text in the Replace with box or Find Next which identifies first occurrence or it allows the selected occurrence to remain as it is and finds the next one.

Fine-tuning Text

In preparing your word document, it is imperative that the appropriate word is chosen that will express the meaning in any given context. You will be able to look up the meaning of words, synonyms, antonyms of words that are contained within your document by using the built in proofing tools.


To find a synonym:

Click on Synonym to show the synonyms of the word.

Continue this process until you find the appropriate word.

Position the Cursor on the synonym desired.

Click the Arrow that is displayed.

Click Insert.

Translate Language

In order to translate words and phrases into other languages, you need to click on the Translate button which can be found in the Language group on the Review tab. The Translate menu will display the Mini Translator and the Online bilingual dictionary.

Mini Translator

To turn on the Mini Translator:

Tap on Mini Translator on the Translate menu

Position the cursor to a word or Particular Phrase to show a translation in the specified language.

Click the Expand button from the Bilingual Dictionary pane containing the translation.

Online Bilingual Dictionary

To use the bilingual dictionary:

Tap Translate Selected Text found on the Translate menu.

Tap Languages from and to which you would like to translate.

If you want to find a word that is not shown in the document:

Type the word in the Search box.

Indicate the Languages you would like in the Research pane.

Tap the Start Searching button.

Word will check the online bilingual dictionary for the desired text and shows the result.

Online Machine Translator

If you are translating a whole document:

Tap Translate Document located on the Translate menu.

Click Send.

The original document will be shown side by side in the web browser.

Translating a Document into Several Languages

The default language can be changed by the Mini Translator.

To change it:

Tap Choose Translation Language from the Translate menu.

Choose various Language pairs for each type of translator.