UTILIZING THE INSIGHT PANE - Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)

Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)


In Excel 2016, there is the Insights pane which allows you to look up any word or phrase that’s directs you to various information from different sources on the web in connection with Bing. This is called the Smart Lookup. Now that Excel 2016 features this Insights Pane which is controlled by Bing, all your required research takes you to sites with all your answers making your work so much easier. How is the done?

Select the word or phrase on which you wish to look up;

Right-click it;

Choose Smart Lookup

After this is done, all its information will be displayed. Another way of accessing Smart Lookup is by:

Selecting Review;

Click Smart Lookup;

Then type in your request