CORRECTING SPELLING AND GRAMMATICAL ERRORS - Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)

Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)


Your recommended responses to suggested spelling and grammar changes to the document are saved. However, if you choose to disregard a flagged error, the error will not again be flagged when the spelling and grammar checker is repeated. The behavior of the spelling and grammar checker on the proofing page of the dialog box can be stipulated. Additionally, you can also indicate in the Writing Style list whether the spelling and grammar checker should also check for style concerns such as sentence structure, wordiness and unclear phrasing, and wordiness.

To indicate the types of errors that the spelling and grammar checker flags:

Tap the Settings button located to the right of the Writing style list.

To check the spelling and grammar of a document from scratch:

Tap the Recheck Document button that is shown on the Proofing page of the Word Options dialog box.

Word features tools such as Autocorrect, Error indicators and Spelling and grammar checker to assist you in removing spelling and grammar errors.


AutoCorrect corrects the spelling of words, common grammatical errors, substitutes text codes with mathematical symbols, and uses formatting based on text cues. This feature contains a listing of regularly misspelled words and their correct spellings. It also allows you to include or add to its listing of words in the dialog box that are not recognized as incorrect. If you frequently misspell a word that AutoCorrect doesn’t change, you can add it to the list in the AutoCorrect dialog box. If you have intentionally typed a word that is on the AutoCorrect list and you prefer not to accept the AutoCorrect change, you can click the Undo button before you enter anything else, or by pointing to the bar that appears below the word and then clicking Undo in order to reverse the correction.

Error Indicators

Word specifies words that are possibly misspelt with red wavy underlines. It shows grammatical errors with green wavy underlines, and formatting errors with wavy blue underlines. If you want to display possible corrections and links to proofing resources:

Right-click on Underlined word or Phrase.

Spelling and Grammar Checker

There may be instances where you want to find out if the spelling or grammar of particular text or the entire document is correct. To do this:

Tap the Spelling & Grammar button found in the Proofing category on the Review tab.

Word will display the Spelling pane or Grammar pane if it comes upon a potential error.