USING EXCEL 2016 FOR IPAD - Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)

Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)


What’s greater than using Excel on the go? Excel 2016 gives you the opportunity to access your workbook on you iPad faster and easier with all its amazing new features anywhere you desire. These features specially made for iPads are so exceptional and reliable for users when they’re on the go.

Excel Voiceover

Cloud Storage Service Connect

For this feature you must ensure you have internet access. You can connect to your Cloud Storage Service to access all you Excel workbooks when you are away from your computer. The Account Settings icon allows you to access the Cloud Storage Service with your log in information on the File Open Screen, which becomes active the moment you open the application. After you have accessed your Cloud Storage Service you will see your list of Connected Services. You can also add a Service that connects your files in the cloud. The next screen displays all available services listed that you can connect within a specific order:


OneDrive for Business


You can then choose your preferred service that you’d like to add then you will be given login instructions. After you have followed such instructions, you can head back to the Account menu to view your new service listed under Connected Services that you have added. This feature is very much reliable and great for users and their business.

SharePoint Connect

In order to connect to SharePoint, you must have an active account. Once you do, you can simply go to Account Settings and enter you log in information. It’s that easy! After you have gained access, you can make your changes to your documents. Without having to re-type your information in the cells, you can edit a required cell that contains the information you wish to adjust. You can edit a cell by:

choosing your desired cell,

double click the cell for it to be selected

double click in the formula bar to begin with editing

Contextual Menu

Many users are somewhat familiar with this feature which consists of various options such as popular actions such as copy, paste, cut and clear. To access the contextual menu on an iPad you can simply double-tap on a cell using two fingers. You can also use the standard Voiceover gestures to select your required option which varies. After the action has been performed, the Contextual menu will close on its own. If you choose to not use this feature, you can choose another cell if you wish.

Range of Cells Selection

You may already be aware of how to select a range of cells in excel. Selecting more than one cell at once is easy and simple on an iPad. This upgraded feature allows you to:

Select the cell you want to start from;

Double-tap and hold. An alert sound will be played to tell you that you have begun selecting a range;

Keep your finger pressed on the screen;

Drag selection across to begin your cell range selection

While you’re dragging your fingers across the grid, Voiceover states what ranges are being selected. There is no complexity when using this feature.


Using formulas in a spreadsheet is quite another popular feature in Excel. There are different functions to use in order to input a formula such as entering the equal sign in the desired cell, clicking on the insert function or just by choosing a function from the formulas tab. This will help you to put variables in an accurate order to avoid any miscalculation or any mishaps in your workbook. Working with formulas helps with making great presentations in Excel. Excel 2016 has this upgrade to make using formulas way better than before. You will see the difference and how it has become greater once you have upgraded. Now let’s say you choose to work with formulas from the formula bar. This can be done when you:

Choose the desired cell in which you will be placing the formula;

Click the insert function button on the left of the formula bar which automatically adds an equal sign then opening listed functions.

If you using formulas from the ribbon:

Double-tap on the Formulas tab to open;

Click AutoSum;

Swipe to the right to choose from the listed categories;

Double-tap on a category of your choice which opens listed functions;

Swipe to the right to hear the functions. You will hear the More Info button after listening to each function;

Double-tap on the more info button after you have listened;

To insert a function into the formula bar, double-tap your selected function.

After this process you will hear the cell location, text field, name of the function, the function’s names of arguments, then the name of the argument selected.

Formula Keyboard

Excel 2016’s upgrade for iPads also consists of a custom keyboard which allows you to access numbers and symbols. It has the options of the formula keyboard button, which is for creating formulas in an Excel spreadsheet and the standard keyboard button, customized for Apple’s standard keyboard, which are both located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. These are only available when you are editing a cell. You just tap on either option to select your desired keyboard.

Editing Arguments

This is another simple feature in Excel 2016 for iPads. When it comes to editing an argument, you just simply double-tap to select the data of the argument or you can type the argument on your own. You can then move forward in the formula bar by swiping downwards after the argument has been added or swipe upwards to move backwards, which ever you decide.

Sort and Filter

The sorting and filter features are other popular features in Excel. Sort and filter allows users to have a well-organized work sheet. Now in Excel 2016, Voiceover assists by announcing a sort or filter element of a cell in your spreadsheet once focus is on that cell. If you want to open the filter menu, you just place focus on the filter then double-tap on it. These features have been working well for users over the years. Now this upgrade has made it even better.

Find and Read Comments

Sadly, there is no way for comments to be added into Excel for iPad at the moment, but if there is a comment present in a cell in your spreadsheet, Voiceover announces such and hear what the comment reads, you simply swipe to the right.

Object Editing

Changing Size and Rotating an Imagine

You are all familiar with the aspect of this feature. Changing the size and rotating an image in a workbook allows users to design their work sheet to suit their needs. In order to begin this process, you have to highlight the object that you would want to edit. To highlight an object all you have to do is tap once on the object after which you double-tap to select it. To view the selection handles in the order center left, top center, top left, rotate, swipe to the right. To increase or decrease the size of the object all you have to do is swipe up or down; if you want to rotate the object just select the rotate handle and rotate once focus is placed on your selected handle.

Adding Text to an Object

Sometimes user would prefer to have their titles present within the object that they’ve selected to be presented in their worksheet. Texts can be added to objects rather than adding your description elsewhere. It is seen as more presentable. You can add text to an object with this process:

Tap once to highlight object

Double-tap screen to select object

Double-tap the selected object to open text edit mode

Using External Keyboard in Voiceover Mode

In order for you to use an external keyboard while in Voiceover mode, iOS QuickNav must be turned off. This can be done by holding down on both the left and right arrow keys while in Voiceover mode. Voiceover will then announce whether it has been turned on or off.

You can sync your files from your computer that are saved to your OneDrive, Dropbox or a team site which is also another great feature. One thing to note is that the Save As feature has been replaced by the Duplicate feature but the process remains the same. If you have no internet access and can only work offline, Excel for iPad allows such so you won’t have to worry about not getting your work done on time.

Fill Data in a Column or Row

In Excel 2016, you can fill your data into adjacent cells without having to retype it. The process is very easy and simple:

Choose the cell with the data which you want to fill

Tap to open the Edit menu

Click Fill

Tap then drag the arrows to the direction of the cells you wish to fill.

Start a new line of text inside a cell

Excel users are familiar with this process when working on a spreadsheet on their computers. This same process can be done on an iPad as well. The steps are quite simple:

Switch to the Numeric Keyboard

Press and hold the Return key

Drag your finger to the line break key

After you have done that, you can begin your new text in the new line created.

Merging cells

Many are familiar with this feature in Excel. Excel 2016 for iPads allows you to merge cells when needing to create a heading above all the related cells, by joining two or more cells into one big cell. It is to be ensured that the cells that are chosen to be merged are not within a table. If they are contained in a table, then the merging process will not be able to take place. If you decide that you do not want to merge cells, you can unmerge them.