EXCEL MOBILE FOR WINDOWS PHONE - Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)

Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)


Excel 2016 now has Excel Mobile for all Windows Phones. You can access your Excel workbook from your phone which allows you to make adjustments to your spreadsheet and more, whether sent via email or otherwise.

Opening an Excel Workbook

Click Office

Click Places that the workbook is saved in

Click on the workbook


Click on Recent

Then click on recent documents

Click on your recently opened document


Tap Search

Type the name of your workbook

When you see your workbook, tap on it.

It is very important to note that not all features and functions in Excel 2010 and later are supported by Excel Mobile. You can still access a workbook though but all the unsupported features and functions will not be displayed. You will still be able to view all your data in the cell. It will not be possible to make adjustments to the workbook on your phone once there is content that is not supported.

There is one thing you can keep in mind. If you have a regularly accessed workbook, you can pin it to start. You can access this by going to the Office Hub, when you have done so, you will see the option Recent on which you will click, then tap and hold the workbook. After which you click Pin to Start. You can also view various parts of your worksheet easily by zooming in and out. You do this by the use of your fingers, pinching and stretching them apart.

Create and Save a new Excel Workbook

Creating and saving an Excel workbook is quite popular and simple to regular Excel users.

Click Office

Click on Recent

Click New

Then Excel/choose any one of the Excel templates

Click More, then Save

Type the name of your document in the File Name Box

Click Save to

Choose OneDrive/Phone

Then click Save

Enter Numbers and Text

Entering numbers and text into your workbook on your phone is the same procedure to take when using a computer. This process can be done by:

Clicking in the cell you wish to add a text or number

Click the formula bar

Insert a number or text

Click enter

After you have completed entering your data, you can click back to remove the keyboard from display on your phone.

There may be data that you wish to delete from your workbook. All you have to do is:

Click on the cell consisting the contents

Tap on the contents in the formula bar

Click delete

Click enter

If you want to erase contents of multiple cells:

Click on a cell of your choice

Drag to select a range of cells

Click more

Then clear contents

The undo and redo options are found at the option More.

Doing your calculations is the same as well when using a computer. Your phone allows you to use Autosum with the upgraded Excel 2016 as well as other functions you wish to use. Autosum can be used to calculate the sum, average, maximum, minimum also number of values in multiple cells.

How to use Autosum:

Click in an empty cell next to the cell containing the numbers you wish to calculate

Click Autosum

Please note that if you insist on using a function in a formula in order to calculate numbers, you would have to click in the cell in which you wish to add the function then click Function. Next you would have to select the function you would want to use then tap and drag/ enter the values, after which you click Enter.

You can even send your workbook via email on your phone when you on the go. This process is just the same as when using a computer.

To Sort Numbers

This sorting numbers feature as we all know, is a very reliable feature of Excel. In Excel 2016 is once again featured to continue with making the work your work a little easier. Let’s say you want to sort numbers from the highest to the lowest. You can do this by:

Clicking and holding down on the first cell in the range of cell you wish to sort;

Drag the bottom circle to the last cell in the cell range you wish to be sorted;

Tap on Sort

Click Sort by

Tap Sort order

Then click Descending

Now if you wish on sorting numbers from the lowest to the highest, this can be done by:

Clicking and holding down on the first cell in the range of cell you wish to sort;

Drag the bottom circle to the last cell in the cell range you wish to be sorted;

Tap on Sort

Click Sort by

Tap Sort order

Then click Ascending

To Switch between Worksheets or Chart in a Workbook

Excel 2016 allows you to view various worksheets or charts within your workbook by switching in between them. Its process is quite simply:

Tap Sheets

Then click on the sheet or chart that you would like to view

This feature takes away the process of opening a new worksheet and makes it better for users to have access to more than one in one workbook.

To add a comment

You can now add comments in a worksheet that is shared among other persons within you group or business. You can add a comment by:

Tapping the cell in which you would like to comment;

Click More

Click on Comment

Begin typing your comment

Once you are making an attempt to add a comment for the first time, you will be required to enter a username of your choice so that other persons can acknowledge who made edits of the workbook. The changing of your username can be changed at any time you wish by visiting Settings, click on Applications, Click Office then Username.

After you have completed adding your comment, you can tap on the outside of the cell to stop commenting. If you wish to view the comment, you can simply tap the cell that contains comment. If you want to delete the comment made, all you are to do is click on the cell containing the comment, click More, then Delete Comment.

Finding a specific word or number

There will be times when you want to find a specific number or word in your workbook, but without having to scroll and search. An easier way to do this is:

Click Find

Type the word or number you wish to find

Then click Enter

You can tap Next to find the other word or number occurring next. To end your search, you can simply tap anywhere in the worksheet.

To send a workbook via email

Apart from sharing workbooks on OneDrive or team sites, you can share them via email at any time. In order to do this, you can:

Tap Office

If it’s a recent document, click on Recent, if not, click Places then click the place where the workbook is located.

Tap Search to find the workbook you wish to share

Tap and hold the workbook

Click Share

Click on the email account name

Add recipient then click send.