Excel for Android - Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)

Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)

Excel for Android

The new Excel 2016 is now on Android phones. It allows you to manage your excel files on your Android phone.

Managing files

Managing your files from excel on your android is still accessible. It’s just that you won’t be able to delete files from Excel for Android. In order for you to delete files, you would have to go to OneDrive or your team sites.

Sharing Files from Excel

When you need to share a file, it is transformed into a link or placed as an attachment in email. The process of sharing is very simple. All you need to do is click Share and options will appear as Email as link or Email as attachment.

There are going to be times when you want to access a file that is stored on your computer, but you are not near your computer at that moment. You can sync your files from your computer to your phone just by accessing them from your OneDrive, Dropbox or Office 65 team site. This can only be done if you have uploaded your files to your OneDrive, Dropbox or Office 65 team site. You can upload your files by:

Accessing your web browser

Go to your OneDrive, Dropbox or Office 65 team site

Upload files

Now to access your files on your android device, you would be required to sign in to the app. Once you are signed in, click open, choose the service that your file is saved to, there will find you file.

Working with files Offline

There are only a few scenarios for when you can only work offline. When you are offline, you can create an empty document or workbook. You will not be able to create one from a template because you will need access to internet. If you have created a workbook online from a template, you can work from that workbook when you go offline.

Please note that only a minimal set of fonts are made available to you. Only when you are online you will more fonts to choose from.

If you are offline and want to open a file, you would have to ensure you have already opened it while you were online from the location you have stored it. After it has been opened online, you are free to access it while you are offline.

You may wonder if you can save a file when you are offline. Yes, you actually can. Files that are downloaded from any of the online locations, can be automatically be synced with the online version when changes are made offline. You must ensure you go to file then save to save the file to your disk after you have made you changes in your file.

Using Autosum in Excel for Android

At one point you may want to make calculations in your worksheet in Excel for Android. This can definitely be done. Finding the sum of numbers in your worksheet is easy when it comes to Android devices. You can use Autosum by:

Select cell under the last number in the column

For a tablet, click Autosum on the formulas tab

Click Sum

For a phone, click Formulas

Select Autosum

Click Sum

Then click enter

That’s all there is to be done.

Duplicate Data in Row or Column

Instead of re-typing your data in another cell or column, you can just duplicate it. This is most definitely easier than re-typing and you can work faster with this feature. Here is how it can be done:

Select a row or column

Tap Copy

Select an empty row or column

Then click Paste

Start a New Line of Text in a Cell

When using Excel on your Android device, you may want to take a next step by beginning a new line in your worksheet. For you to start a new line of text, all you are required to do is double tap in the cell in which you to want to perform your task. Click on the blue cursor then click New Line in the contextual menu.

Freeze Panes to Lock the First Row or Column

Excel 2016 features the freeze pane which is another popular feature that also has been improved for the liking of users. Freezing panes allows you to view the headers of your workbook while scrolling through by locking both the top row and/or first column. This procedure can be done by clicking View then click Freeze Panes after which you are required to tap on the option that you need.

Freeze multiple rows or column

This is another upgraded feature of Excel 2016 that allows users to freeze numerous rows or columns as they wish. They can freeze numerous rows by:

Clicking on the row located below the final row that you wish to freeze;

Tap on View

Click Freeze Panes

If you wish to freeze multiple columns the simple way to do it is by

Selecting the column located the last column to the right

Click View

Click on Freeze Panes

To Unfreeze Panes

You not only can freeze panes but you can also unfreeze them if you wish. This can be done by clicking View then click Freeze Panes, then erase the options that were selected.