MICROSOFT EXCEL 2016 FOR MAC - Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)

Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)


Introduction to Excel for Mac 2016

The new Excel 2016 has many new enhanced features and Mac computers owners and users will not be left out. The software comes as a component of the Microsoft Office Suite that Mac has designed for its users which will allow them to be able to use the Windows features on their computers.

So what did Microsoft do differently with the new Excel 2016 for Mac? Microsoft has not totally changed the User Interface but have reconfigured the look of Excel 2016 to work and appear like a new Office Mac 2011 and a brand new Windows invention. Now Mac users can use the new Excel and save their document as a PDF file. Users can also still use their old Microsoft Excel skills when building a formula as though this function is improved there are still levels of familiarity in the new upgrade.

Getting Started

There is also a new feature called the Analysis ToolPak which will allow users to undertake arithmetical functions. Not to be left behind are the new data filtering options that will allow users to filter data in regular spreadsheets and even in pivot tables.

Still there are more changes that Excel for Mac 2016 has to offer. There are new shortcuts that will be the same whether you are using a PC version of Microsoft Excel or a Mac version of Excel. For example, users can use the Ctrl + Shift shortcuts consistent with Windows instead of the Mac Cmd + shift.

Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac offers great new templates that you can use when you are building your spreadsheets. You can always choose a template that is nearest to what you would like your spreadsheet to look like. You can start from scratch creating your own spreadsheet. You can also make changes to your documents whether you just created them or you just opened them. This software allows you to open recent documents by checking the File icon and then selecting the Open Recent option.

These templates are just great for the daily tasks that are to be performed across corporate and personal dispensations. Mac users will be able to select from a plethora of functions available to allow them the capabilities to produce travel expenditure listing, itineraries, expense scheduling and financial activities monitoring. You can also keep a tab on your personal or business purchases to balance your budget. Other features will allow you to track your invoices and sales records, just check on an existing template or chose a blank copy and create your own.

Excel 2016 for Mac Workbook

When you open a workbook in Excel 2016 for Mac, you will be able to work on a number of different worksheets if you so desire. Each worksheet makes up the workbook and you will be able to select the worksheet you want to work on by clicking on the sheet name at the bottom of the workbook then make your selection.

Availability of Excel 2016 for Mac

The new Excel 2016 for Mac has contemplated and made it convenient for people who use numerous devices and who have to travel to work. As such, users can now access their documents by logging on to One-Drive for Business or One Drive and Share point and retrieving them. Here users can also create and upload their files from any device at any location and continue to do their work. This makes it possible for users to collaborate with other users and to get their work done faster, easier and more conveniently. That means deadlines don’t have to be missed and meetings can be shorter as data can get to and from collaborators within a matter of minutes.

Excel 2016 for Mac is now outfitted with a Quick Access Toolbar which makes commands that are used frequently more available. There are other changes to Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac. Mac users can now print directly to a PDF file and they can also share worksheets with users using other operating systems. Users can share their data with other Windows users.