New Features in Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac - Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)

Microsoft Office 2016: The Complete Guide (2015)

New Features in Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac

Microsoft Office continues to work assiduously to ensure that its merchandise outperforms its competitors in the globe of Office software programs. The development of Microsoft Office for Mac suite ensures that the thousands of users of Apple’s Mac computers are not deprived of the benefits they enjoyed when using Windows office. Individuals and businesses need to continue to change and evolve with the passage of time and become more advance. As such the software that tackles these needs must also change and evolve. Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac has been on par and the features of this program are discussed below.

Sharing Documents

The ability to share information with friends, family, colleagues, between departments and organization is now possible with the increase of Microsoft Office apps. The Manufactures of devices such as phones or cameras, apps, websites have been constantly changing and modifying the gadgets and apps to make it easier for their users to share their data with each other. Data such as pictures, stories, documents, videos among others, or information for business purposes can now be shared using this medium. Microsoft Office Suite creators have also made it possible to share documents from inside the Microsoft Office App.

In Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac:

Click the share icon that looks like the outline of a person

Choose the method want to share the document you have created, provided that you are satisfied with your creation.

There are multiple methods:

You can send it via email or use a social networking instrument.

There is the option to ask friends, colleagues, or individuals from organizations to read and edit your documents.

This tool is a welcomed change for persons who must work in teams and also collectively.


Graphs and charts are presentation enhancers. This feature allows excel users to select the chart that is most suitable from a list Excel recommends for your data. Under the insert tab is where you will find this feature in Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac. It helps users to create and design their charts by providing a list of suggested charts based on their distinct compatibility with the data that is available in the spreadsheet. The list of optional charts is presented to the user. He/she must choose a chart that will be inserted into the spreadsheet. Chart previews are displayed at faster speed and this is a major advantage to users as they are able to view the charts recommended by Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac and determine if they are actually suited to represent the information to be presented.

The Formula Builder

Individuals who are not experts at generating mathematical formulas will find the formula builder quite helpful. Formula Builder assists in the creation of the more difficult formulas in your worksheet. In the formula bar, you can produce and adjust formulas to your specifications. To display the result just press enter. The changes should be reflected in selected cell.

Pivot Table Slicers

Pivot table slicers are another new feature added to the Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac. This is adding filter or filters to an existing pivot table. The existing filters on the pivot table are also shown. This is very beneficial in the sense that is it allows the user to uncover trends in a huge spreadsheet. It is also much easier to understand the information that is being placed in a pivot table with Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac pivot table slicers.


An Analysis Toolpak add-on is also new to Microsoft Excel 2016. It performs complex statistical or engineering analyses. This feature is accessible through the add-ins option. Persons who are working with large volumes of data like engineers, academia and other professions would find it quite useful in their line of work.


In utilizing the Microsoft excel 2016 for Mac it makes it easier for persons who are searching through large quantities of information to find an item. This is done by inserting what you are trying to find in the search box Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac will search your spreadsheet for matching data instantly.