Microsoft Office 2016 At Work For Dummies (2016)

Microsoft Office 2016 At Work For Dummies (2016)

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Office

Chapter 2: Creating a Word Document

Chapter 3: Paragraph Formatting

Chapter 4: Formatting Sections, Pages, and Documents

Chapter 5: Working with Tables and Graphics in Word

Chapter 6: References and Mail Merges in Word

Chapter 7: Designing Your Pages

Chapter 8: Creating Excel Formulas and Functions

Chapter 9: Formatting and Printing Excel Worksheets

Chapter 10: Storing and Managing Databases in Excel

Chapter 11: Creating Charts in Excel

Chapter 12: Managing Email with Outlook

Chapter 13: Using Outlook Contacts and Tasks

Chapter 14: Getting Started with PowerPoint

Chapter 15: Formatting a Presentation

Chapter 16: Adding Movement and Sound to a Presentation

Chapter 17: Presenting a Slide Show