My Office 2016 (2016)

My Office 2016 (2016)

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Office 2016

Chapter 2: Formatting Documents

Chapter 3: Working with Office 2016 Graphics

Chapter 4: Working with Text in Word

Chapter 5: Working with Page Layout and Design in Word

Chapter 6: Entering Excel Data

Chapter 7: Getting More Out of Excel Ranges

Chapter 8: Visualizing Excel Data with Charts

Chapter 9: Building a PowerPoint Presentation

Chapter 10: Working with PowerPoint Slide Shows

Chapter 11: Sending and Receiving Outlook Email

Chapter 12: Scheduling with the Outlook Calendar

Chapter 13: Keeping in Touch with Outlook Contacts

Chapter 14: Building a OneNote Notebook

Chapter 15: Getting More Out of OneNote

Chapter 16: Learning Access Basics

Chapter 17: Customizing the Office 2016 Applications

Chapter 18: Collaborating with Others

Appendix A: Excel Worksheet Function Reference