Desirability Toolkit - Scenario-Focused Engineering (2014)

Scenario-Focused Engineering (2014)

Appendix E. Desirability Toolkit

The table below lists the words used on the product-reaction cards described in the sidebar “Desirability Toolkit” in Chapter 9, “Observing customers: Getting feedback.”


The Desirability Toolkit was developed by Joey Benedek ( and Trish Miner ( You can find more information about the toolkit in their paper Measuring Desirability, at If you use these cards for your own research, please contact Joey or Trish and let them know how the cards work for you. We are very interested in your experience so that we can continue to refine the method. Permission is granted to use the toolkit and the results obtained from its use for personal, academic, and commercial purposes. If you use the toolkit or the results obtained from its use, you are required to include the following attribution: “Developed by and © 2002 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.”