Windows 10. Absolute Beginner’s Guide (2016)

Windows 10. Absolute Beginner’s Guide (2016)

Part I: Getting Started

Chapter 1: Meet Windows 10

Chapter 2: Interacting with Windows

Chapter 3: Optimizing the Start Menu

Chapter 4: Introducing Windows Apps

Chapter 5: Working with Windows Apps

Chapter 6: Finding Your Way Around the Windows Desktop

Chapter 7: Working with Windows Desktop Applications

Part II: Customizing Your Windows 10 Computer

Chapter 8: Tweaking Windows to Reflect Your Personality

Chapter 9: Using Search and Cortana

Chapter 10: Configuring Input Device Settings

Chapter 11: Configuring Display and Sound Settings

Chapter 12: Configuring Notifications and Advanced Settings

Chapter 13: Connecting to Networks and the Internet

Part III: Being Productive

Chapter 14: Browsing the Web

Chapter 15: Keeping Up with Your Contacts in the People App

Chapter 16: Setting Up the Mail App

Chapter 17: Using the Mail App

Chapter 18: Managing Your Calendar

Chapter 19: Sharing Your Windows Computer with Others

Chapter 20: Sharing Files and Printers

Chapter 21: File and Folder Basics

Chapter 22: Working with OneDrive

Part IV: Having Fun

Chapter 23: Working with Photos in Windows

Chapter 24: Using Your Microsoft Account for Purchases

Chapter 25: Having Fun with Movies and TV Shows

Chapter 26: Enjoying Music

Chapter 27: Having Fun and Playing Games

Part V: Online Bonus Content

Bonus Chapter 1. These Are a Few of My Favorite Apps

Bonus Chapter 2. Working with Other Windows Apps

Bonus Chapter 3. Advanced File and Folder Management

Bonus Chapter 4. Keeping Your Computer Healthy

Bonus Chapter 5. Resolving Common Problems