Preface - Bitcoin for the Befuddled (2015)

Bitcoin for the Befuddled (2015)


In writing this book, we wanted to explain the concept and potential of Bitcoin in a more-or-less timeless manner. Boy, was that hard. It would have been much easier to write a book called The State of Bitcoin Right Now: Please Disregard Everything in This Book One Year After Its Publication. The core technology behind Bitcoin, as well as the larger technological infrastructure around it, is rapidly evolving as this book goes to press. The debates about the legality, price volatility, and merchant adoption of Bitcoin may already be out of date by 2015, and who knows how they will sound in 2025.

To keep this book relevant for the future, we did our best to focus on those aspects of Bitcoin that will remain important forever, and we tried to cover them in a way that is fun. We hope you will enjoy our approach to this fascinating subject.