Ledra Capital Mega Master Blockchain List - Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy (2015)

Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy (2015)

Appendix B. Ledra Capital Mega Master Blockchain List

New York–based venture capital firm Ledra Capital has an ongoing attempt to brainstorm and enumerate the wide range of potential uses of blockchain technology. Some of these categories include financial instruments; public, private, and semipublic records; physical asset keys; intangibles; and other potential applications:

I.                    Financial instruments, records, and models

1.              Currency

2.              Private equities

3.              Public equities

4.              Bonds

5.              Derivatives (futures, forwards, swaps, options, and more complex variations)

6.              Voting rights associated with any of the preceding

7.              Commodities

8.              Spending records

9.              Trading records

10.          Mortgage/loan records

11.          Servicing records

12.          Crowdfunding

13.          Microfinance

14.          Microcharity

II.                    Public records

15.Land titles

16.          Vehicle registries

17.          Business license

18.          Business incorporation/dissolution records

19.          Business ownership records

20.          Regulatory records

21.          Criminal records

22.          Passports

23.          Birth certificates

24.          Death certificates

25.          Voter IDs

26.          Voting

27.          Health/safety inspections

28.          Building permits

29.          Gun permits

30.          Forensic evidence

31.          Court records

32.          Voting records

33.          Nonprofit records

34.          Government/nonprofit accounting/transparency

I.                    Private records


36.          Signatures

37.          Wills

38.          Trusts

39.          Escrows

40.          GPS trails (personal)

I.                    Other semipublic records


42.          Certifications

43.          Learning outcomes

44.          Grades

45.          HR records (salary, performance reviews, accomplishment)

46.          Medical records

47.          Accounting records

48.          Business transaction records

49.          Genome data

50.          GPS trails (institutional)

51.          Delivery records

52.          Arbitration

I.                    Physical asset keys

53.Home/apartment keys

54.          Vacation home/timeshare keys

55.          Hotel room keys

56.          Car keys

57.          Rental car keys

58.          Leased cars keys

59.          Locker keys

60.          Safety deposit box keys

61.          Package delivery (split key between delivery firm and receiver)

62.          Betting records

63.          Fantasy sports records

I.                    Intangibles


65.          Vouchers

66.          Reservations (restaurants, hotels, queues, etc.)

67.          Movie tickets

68.          Patents

69.          Copyrights

70.          Trademarks

71.          Software licenses

72.          Videogame licenses

73.          Music/movie/book licenses (DRM)

74.          Domain names

75.          Online identities

76.          Proof of authorship/proof of prior art

I.                    Other

77.Documentary records (photos, audio, video)

78.          Data records (sports scores, temperature, etc.)

79.          Sim cards

80.          GPS network identity

81.          Gun unlock codes

82.          Weapons unlock codes

83.          Nuclear launch codes

84.          Spam control (micropayments for posting)

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