Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop - Hadoop: The Definitive Guide (2015)

Hadoop: The Definitive Guide (2015)

Appendix B. Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop

Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop (hereafter CDH) is an integrated Apache Hadoop–based stack containing all the components needed for production, tested and packaged to work together. Cloudera makes the distribution available in a number of different formats: Linux packages, virtual machine images, tarballs, and tools for running CDH in the cloud. CDH is free, released under the Apache 2.0 license, and available at

As of CDH 5, the following components are included, many of which are covered elsewhere in this book:

Apache Avro

A cross-language data serialization library; includes rich data structures, a fast/compact binary format, and RPC

Apache Crunch

A high-level Java API for writing data processing pipelines that can run on MapReduce or Spark

Apache DataFu (incubating)

A library of useful statistical UDFs for doing large-scale analyses

Apache Flume

Highly reliable, configurable streaming data collection

Apache Hadoop

Highly scalable data storage (HDFS), resource management (YARN), and processing (MapReduce)

Apache HBase

Column-oriented real-time database for random read/write access

Apache Hive

SQL-like queries and tables for large datasets


Web UI to make it easy to work with Hadoop data

Cloudera Impala

Interactive, low-latency SQL queries on HDFS or HBase

Kite SDK

APIs, examples, and docs for building apps on top of Hadoop

Apache Mahout

Scalable machine-learning and data-mining algorithms

Apache Oozie

Workflow scheduler for interdependent Hadoop jobs

Apache Parquet (incubating)

An efficient columnar storage format for nested data

Apache Pig

Data flow language for exploring large datasets

Cloudera Search

Free-text, Google-style search of Hadoop data

Apache Sentry (incubating)

Granular, role-based access control for Hadoop users

Apache Spark

A cluster computing framework for large-scale in-memory data processing in Scala, Java, and Python

Apache Sqoop

Efficient transfer of data between structured data stores (like relational databases) and Hadoop

Apache ZooKeeper

Highly available coordination service for distributed applications

Cloudera also provides Cloudera Manager for deploying and operating Hadoop clusters running CDH.

To download CDH and Cloudera Manager, visit