Hadoop: The Definitive Guide (2015)

Hadoop: The Definitive Guide (2015)



Part I. Hadoop Fundamentals

Chapter 1. Meet Hadoop

Chapter 2. MapReduce

Chapter 3. The Hadoop Distributed Filesystem

Chapter 4. YARN

Chapter 5. Hadoop I/O

Part II. MapReduce

Chapter 6. Developing a MapReduce Application

Chapter 7. How MapReduce Works

Chapter 8. MapReduce Types and Formats

Chapter 9. MapReduce Features

Part III. Hadoop Operations

Chapter 10. Setting Up a Hadoop Cluster

Chapter 11. Administering Hadoop

Part IV. Related Projects

Chapter 12. Avro

Chapter 13. Parquet

Chapter 14. Flume

Chapter 15. Sqoop

Chapter 16. Pig

Chapter 17. Hive

Chapter 18. Crunch

Chapter 19. Spark

Chapter 20. HBase

Chapter 21. ZooKeeper

Part V. Case Studies

Chapter 22. Composable Data at Cerner

Chapter 23. Biological Data Science: Saving Lives with Software

Chapter 24. Cascading

Appendix A. Installing Apache Hadoop

Appendix B. Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop

Appendix C. Preparing the NCDC Weather Data

Appendix D. The Old and New Java MapReduce APIs