Learning MySQL (2007)

Learning MySQL (2007)


Part I. Introduction

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Installing MySQL

Chapter 3. Using the MySQL Monitor

Part II. Using MySQL

Chapter 4. Modeling and Designing Databases

Chapter 5. Basic SQL

Chapter 6. Working with Database Structures

Chapter 7. Advanced Querying

Chapter 8. Doing More with MySQL

Chapter 9. Managing Users and Privileges

Part III. Advanced Topics

Chapter 10. Backups and Recovery

Chapter 11. Using an Options File

Chapter 12. Configuring and Tuning the Server

Part IV. Web Database Applications with PHP

Chapter 13. Web Database Applications

Chapter 14. PHP

Chapter 15. A PHP Application: The Wedding Gift Registry

Part V. Interacting with MySQL Using Perl

Chapter 16. Perl

Chapter 17. Using Perl with MySQL

Chapter 18. Serving Perl Pages to the Web

Part VI. Appendix

Appendix A