Learning MySQL and MariaDB (2015)

Learning MySQL and MariaDB (2015)



Part I. The Software

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Installing MySQL and MariaDB

Chapter 3. The Basics and the mysql Client

Part II. Database Structures

Chapter 4. Creating Databases and Tables

Chapter 5. Altering Tables

Part III. Basics of Handling Data

Chapter 6. Inserting Data

Chapter 7. Selecting Data

Chapter 8. Updating and Deleting Data

Chapter 9. Joining and Subquerying Data

Part IV. Built-In Functions

Chapter 10. String Functions

Chapter 11. Date and Time Functions

Chapter 12. Aggregate and Numeric Functions

Part V. Administration and Beyond

Chapter 13. User Accounts and Privileges

Chapter 14. Backing Up and Restoring Databases

Chapter 15. Bulk Importing Data

Chapter 16. Application Programming Interfaces