Customizing Your PHP Application - PHP QuickStart Guide (2015)

PHP QuickStart Guide (2015)

Chapter 7: Customizing Your PHP Application

Congratulations! By now, you should have a complete, working contact page for your website visitors. You've also learned the basics of PHP programming and how to use it in your web pages to create dynamic applications.

We've saved time and space in this book by creating a very basic form and using extremely simple terminology in our response messages. Now that you have a working application in place, you can customize the text for your messages to suit your own taste and the needs of your site.

You can, of course, put your HTML and CSS skills to work to make the display blend with your website. You may want to gather more information from your visitors, such as gender, age, etc. The purpose of your website will no doubt determine what information is important for you to have.

Not all HTML form elements are alike, so if you want to add radio buttons, checkboxes or other features, you may need to do a little research to determine how PHP works with those elements. Fortunately, documentation is readily available from the resources listed in Appendix A.


Although this book has provided only an introduction into the world of PHP programming, you should, by now, realize that this extremely powerful programming language is also easier to use than you may have thought. With no special software required and simple, text-based programming, there may be no better way to create dynamic, powerful applications for your websites.

As outlined in Chapter 2, PHP offers a host of advantages over other programming languages, not the least of which is ease of learning. With the basic skills you've learned in this text and the resources listed in the appendices, you should find the transition from web designer to programmer an easy one.

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