WordPress: The Missing Manual (2014)

WordPress: The Missing Manual (2014)


Part I. Starting Out with WordPress

Chapter 1. The WordPress Landscape

Chapter 2. Signing Up with WordPress.com

Chapter 3. Installing WordPress on Your Web Host

Part II. Building a WordPress Blog

Chapter 4. Creating Posts

Chapter 5. Choosing and Polishing Your Theme

Chapter 6. Jazzing Up Your Posts

Chapter 7. Adding Pages and Menus

Chapter 8. Comments: Letting Your Readers Talk Back

Part III. Supercharging Your Blog

Chapter 9. Getting New Features with Plug-Ins

Chapter 10. Adding Picture Galleries, Video, and Music

Chapter 11. Collaborating with Multiple Authors

Chapter 12. Attracting a Crowd

Part IV. From Blog to Website

Chapter 13. Editing Themes: The Key to Customizing Your Site

Chapter 14. Building an Advanced WordPress Site

Part V. Appendixes

Appendix A. Migrating from WordPress.com

Appendix B. Securing a Self-Hosted Site

Appendix C. Useful Websites