Effective awk Programming (2015)

Effective awk Programming (2015)



Part I. The awk Language

Chapter 1. Getting Started with awk

Chapter 2. Running awk and gawk

Chapter 3. Regular Expressions

Chapter 4. Reading Input Files

Chapter 5. Printing Output

Chapter 6. Expressions

Chapter 7. Patterns, Actions, and Variables

Chapter 8. Arrays in awk

Chapter 9. Functions

Part II. Problem Solving with awk

Chapter 10. A Library of awk Functions

Chapter 11. Practical awk Programs

Part III. Moving Beyond Standard awk with gawk

Chapter 12. Advanced Features of gawk

Chapter 13. Internationalization with gawk

Chapter 14. Debugging awk Programs

Chapter 15. Arithmetic and Arbitrary-Precision Arithmetic with gawk

Chapter 16. Writing Extensions for gawk

Part IV. Appendices

Appendix A. The Evolution of the awk Language

Appendix B. Installing gawk

Appendix C. GNU General Public License