Preface - Coding for Beginners in Easy Steps: Basic Programming for All Ages (2015)

Coding for Beginners in Easy Steps: Basic Programming for All Ages (2015)


The creation of this book has provided me, Mike McGrath, a welcome opportunity to produce an introduction to coding computer programs for readers with no previous coding experience. Although this is a book for beginners, it goes beyond the mere basics so some topics may be more easily understood after gaining some coding experience with the simpler listed programs. All the examples demonstrate coding features using the popular Python programming language and the book’s screenshots illustrate the actual results produced by executing the listed code.

Conventions in this book

In order to clarify the code listed in the steps given in each example, I have adopted the same default colorization convention provided by Python’s code editor. Keywords of the Python language itself are colored orange, built-in function names are purple, coder-specified function names are blue, text strings are green, comments are red, and all other code is black, like this:

# A function to display a greeting

def greet( reader ) :

print( ‘Welcome to Coding for Beginners’ , reader )

Additionally, in order to identify each source code file described in the steps, an icon and file name appears in the margin alongside the steps, like this:


Grabbing the source code

For convenience I have placed source code files from the examples featured in this book into a single ZIP archive. You can obtain the complete archive by following these easy steps:

imageBrowse to then navigate to Free Resources and choose the Downloads section

imageFind Coding for Beginners in easy steps in the list, then click on the hyperlink entitled All Code Examples to download the archive

imageNow, extract the archive contents to any convenient location on your computer