Coding For Dummies (2015)

Coding For Dummies (2015)


Part I. Getting Started with Coding

Chapter 1. What Is Coding?

Chapter 2. Programming for the Web

Chapter 3. Becoming a Programmer

Part II. Building the Silent and Interactive Web Page

Chapter 4. Exploring Basic HTML

Chapter 5. Getting More Out of HTML

Chapter 6. Getting Stylish with CSS

Chapter 7. Next Steps with CSS

Chapter 8. Working Faster with Twitter Bootstrap

Chapter 9. Adding in JavaScript

Part III. Putting Together a Web Application

Chapter 10. Building Your Own App

Chapter 11. Researching Your First Web Application

Chapter 12. Coding and Debugging Your First Web Application

Part IV. Developing Your Coding Skills Further

Chapter 13. Getting Familiar with Ruby

Chapter 14. Wrapping Your Head around Python

Part V. The Part of Tens

Chapter 15. Ten Free Resources for Coding and Coders

Chapter 16. Ten Tips for Novice Coders