F# Deep Dives (2015)

F# Deep Dives (2015)


Chapter 1. Succeeding with functional-first languages in the industry

Part 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Calculating cumulative binomial distributions

Chapter 3. Parsing text-based languages

Part 2. Developing analytical components

Chapter 4. Numerical computing in the financial domain

Chapter 5. Understanding social networks

Chapter 6. Integrating stock data into the F# language

Part 3. Developing complete systems

Chapter 7. Developing rich user interfaces using the MVC pattern

Chapter 8. Asynchronous and agent-based programming

Chapter 9. Creating games using XNA

Chapter 10. Building social web applications

Part 4. F# in the larger context

Chapter 11. F# in the enterprise

Chapter 12. Software quality

Appendix. F# walkthrough: looking under the covers