Beginning Lua Programming (2007)

Beginning Lua Programming (2007)


Chapter 1. Getting Situated

Chapter 2. First Steps

Chapter 3. Extending Lua with Functions

Chapter 4. Working with Tables

Chapter 5. Using Strings

Chapter 6. Handling and Avoiding Errors

Chapter 7. Using Modules

Chapter 8. Extending Lua's Behavior with Metamethods

Chapter 9. Handling Events Naturally with Coroutines

Chapter 10. Looking Under the Hood

Chapter 11. Exploring Lua's Libraries

Chapter 12. Using Community Libraries

Chapter 13. Interfacing Lua with Other Languages

Chapter 14. Managing Information with Databases

Chapter 15. Programming for the Web

Chapter 16. Connecting to a Larger World

Chapter 17. Programming Games with Lua

Chapter 18. Carrying Lua with You

Chapter 19. Fitting into the Lua Community

Appendix. Answers