Real World OCaml (2013)

Real World OCaml (2013)


Part I. Language Concepts

Chapter 1. A Guided Tour

Chapter 2. Variables and Functions

Chapter 3. Lists and Patterns

Chapter 4. Files, Modules, and Programs

Chapter 5. Records

Chapter 6. Variants

Chapter 7. Error Handling

Chapter 8. Imperative Programming

Chapter 9. Functors

Chapter 10. First-Class Modules

Chapter 11. Objects

Chapter 12. Classes

Part II. Tools and Techniques

Chapter 13. Maps and Hash Tables

Chapter 14. Command-Line Parsing

Chapter 15. Handling JSON Data

Chapter 16. Parsing with OCamllex and Menhir

Chapter 17. Data Serialization with S-Expressions

Chapter 18. Concurrent Programming with Async

Part III. The Runtime System

Chapter 19. Foreign Function Interface

Chapter 20. Memory Representation of Values

Chapter 21. Understanding the Garbage Collector

Chapter 22. The Compiler Frontend: Parsing and Type Checking

Chapter 23. The Compiler Backend: Bytecode and Native code