About This Book - Test Scoring and Analysis Using SAS (2014)

Test Scoring and Analysis Using SAS (2014)

About This Book


This book provides a practical discussion of test scoring, item analysis, test reliability, and other related topics that would be useful to almost any instructor in high school or college who not only wants to score tests and produce rosters, but also wants to investigate the quality of each item and the reliability of the test as a whole.

There are also many agencies that create accreditation tests that also require scoring and item analysis. All of the SAS programs in the book include detailed explanations of how they work. However, even readers not familiar with SAS programming can easily use the scoring and analysis programs.


The audience for this book is not limited to SAS users—it is anyone who wants to use SAS to score tests, produce class rosters, analyze test items, and measure overall test reliability. But, for people who are familiar with SAS, and this is a large market, many of them have the need to develop test analysis programs, and this book simply lays all of this out for them.

Scope of This Book

Although there are many excellent books on psychometrics on the market, this book is unique in several ways: First, it is basic enough for people without any prior knowledge of test scoring and analysis or who do not have an extensive mathematics background. Secondly, included in this book are complete, pre-packaged programs (called macros in SAS lingo) that can be used by non-programmers. These programs can all be downloaded for free from the author page for this book.

PROC IRT (item response theory) is new to SAS and this is the first book that describes item response theory and how to run PROC IRT.

About the Examples

SAS 9.4 was used to create the programming examples for this book.

Example Code and Data

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