Programming Scala (2014)

Programming Scala (2014)



Chapter 1. Zero to Sixty: Introducing Scala

Chapter 2. Type Less, Do More

Chapter 3. Rounding Out the Basics

Chapter 4. Pattern Matching

Chapter 5. Implicits

Chapter 6. Functional Programming in Scala

Chapter 7. For Comprehensions in Depth

Chapter 8. Object-Oriented Programming in Scala

Chapter 9. Traits

Chapter 10. The Scala Object System, Part I

Chapter 11. The Scala Object System, Part II

Chapter 12. The Scala Collections Library

Chapter 13. Visibility Rules

Chapter 14. Scala's Type System, Part I

Chapter 15. Scala's Type System, Part II

Chapter 16. Advanced Functional Programming

Chapter 17. Tools for Concurrency

Chapter 18. Scala for Big Data

Chapter 19. Dynamic Invocation in Scala

Chapter 20. Domain-Specific Languages in Scala

Chapter 21. Scala Tools and Libraries

Chapter 22. Java Interoperability

Chapter 23. Application Design

Chapter 24. Metaprogramming: Macros and Reflection

Appendix A. References