Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies (2014)

Beginning Programming with Python For Dummies (2014)

Part I: Getting Started with Python

Chapter 1: Talking to Your Computer

Chapter 2: Getting Your Own Copy of Python

Chapter 3: Interacting with Python

Chapter 4: Writing Your First Application

Part II: Talking the Talk

Chapter 5: Storing and Modifying Information

Chapter 6: Managing Information

Chapter 7: Making Decisions

Chapter 8: Performing Repetitive Tasks

Chapter 9: Dealing with Errors

Part III: Performing Common Tasks

Chapter 10: Interacting with Modules

Chapter 11: Working with Strings

Chapter 12: Managing Lists

Chapter 13: Collecting All Sorts of Data

Chapter 14: Creating and Using Classes

Part IV: Performing Advanced Tasks

Chapter 15: Storing Data in Files

Chapter 16: Sending an E-Mail

Part V: The Part of Tens

Chapter 17: Ten Amazing Programming

Chapter 18: Ten Ways to Make a Living with Python

Chapter 19: Ten Interesting Tools

Chapter 20: Ten Libraries You Need