Change List - Writing Idiomatic Python (2013)

Writing Idiomatic Python (2013)

2. Change List

2.1 Version 1.1, February 2, 2013

· New idiom: “Use sys.exit in your script to return proper error codes” idiom

· Greatly expanded discussion in “Avoid comparing directly to True, False, or None” and added mention of comparison to None when checking if optional arguments were set (to match the idiom “Avoid using ’’, [], and {} as default parameters to functions”.

· Expanded “Use the * operator to represent the”rest" of a list" idiom expanded with additional cases

· Fixed page numbering issue causing numbers in table of contents and index not to match the text

· Fixed various typos and grammatical errors

· Changed font size and various layout issues (some of which caused text to run off the page

· Changed preface text

2.2 Version 1.2, February 17, 2013

· Improved formatting for epub and Kindle versions

· Fixed various typos and grammatical errors

2.3 Version 1.3, June 16, 2013

· 3 New Sections: Exceptions, Testing, Documentation

o These will be expanded in future versions

· New Idiom: “Use a dict as a substitute for a statement”

· Python 2.7+ New Idiom: “Use the function-based version of print”

o Previously, the use of print() as a function in the Python 2.7+ edition code samples was a source of confusion as the import statement enabling it was omitted for brevity

· “Convetions” section outlining a number of conventions used in the book. Specifically, those listed were identified by readers as a source of confusion.

· 11 new idioms and 3 new sections in total