Learning Python (2013)

Learning Python (2013)


Part I. Getting Started

Chapter 1. A Python Q&A Session

Chapter 2. How Python Runs Programs

Chapter 3. How You Run Programs

Part II. Types and Operations

Chapter 4. Introducing Python Object Types

Chapter 5. Numeric Types

Chapter 6. The Dynamic Typing Interlude

Chapter 7. String Fundamentals

Chapter 8. Lists and Dictionaries

Chapter 9. Tuples, Files, and Everything Else

Part III. Statements and Syntax

Chapter 10. Introducing Python Statements

Chapter 11. Assignments, Expressions, and Prints

Chapter 12. if Tests and Syntax Rules

Chapter 13. while and for Loops

Chapter 14. Iterations and Comprehensions

Chapter 15. The Documentation Interlude

Part IV. Functions and Generators

Chapter 16. Function Basics

Chapter 17. Scopes

Chapter 18. Arguments

Chapter 19. Advanced Function Topics

Chapter 20. Comprehensions and Generations

Chapter 21. The Benchmarking Interlude

Part V. Modules and Packages

Chapter 22. Modules: The Big Picture

Chapter 23. Module Coding Basics

Chapter 24. Module Packages

Chapter 25. Advanced Module Topics

Part VI. Classes and OOP

Chapter 26. OOP: The Big Picture

Chapter 27. Class Coding Basics

Chapter 28. A More Realistic Example

Chapter 29. Class Coding Details

Chapter 30. Operator Overloading

Chapter 31. Designing with Classes

Chapter 32. Advanced Class Topics

Part VII. Exceptions and Tools

Chapter 33. Exception Basics

Chapter 34. Exception Coding Details

Chapter 35. Exception Objects

Chapter 36. Designing with Exceptions

Part VIII. Advanced Topics

Chapter 37. Unicode and Byte Strings

Chapter 38. Managed Attributes

Chapter 39. Decorators

Chapter 40. Metaclasses

Chapter 41. All Good Things

Part IX. Appendixes

Appendix A. Installation and Configuration

Appendix B. The Python 3.3 Windows Launcher

Appendix C. Python Changes and This Book

Appendix D. Solutions to End-of-Part Exercises