Spamming - HACKING 17 Most Dangerous Hacking Attacks (2017)

HACKING 17 Most Dangerous Hacking Attacks (2017)

Chapter 8 - Spamming

If you have a Yahoo mail or Gmail account you probably already have a spam folder. Spam is mainly spreader through e-mails, and if you do have a spam folder, you may as well open it and see for yourself what’s in there.

Traditionally to advertise your products you can create an e-mail opt-in, so when people would visit your blog or website, visitors can sign up for future newsletters, or in case you have new products you might as well advertise it through e-mail to your list. This is legit. However, once it comes to Spam emails, they are not exactly legit e-mails. Moreover, they try to sell you something once you click on the links they would send you. Bad guys have realized, if they could automate this system and keep on sending e-mails to as many people as possible, they could probably make lots of money. At some point is true, however, what they do nowadays is that they would make your computer become an additional originator. So your computer would start to send e-mails too, and those e-mails would begin to reach everyone that are on your contact list. There are certain payloads, which some of these emails, I should say spams are self-replicating themselves. Therefore your contacts would begin to forward those spams to their contacts and so on. As you see to stop these, can be tough, as the source is kept on changing, moreover, there are just too many, and you can not go and shut down everyone on the internet that has an e-mail address. Google. With their, Gmail has done some excellent job, as they have even additional filtering options for separating e-mails types, such as:

• Primary

• Social

• Promotions

Having those can be handy as for keep on looking at social website notifications all day long wouldn’t be ideal. Many people think that opening such e-mails wouldn’t hurt as they wouldn’t buy anything anywhere. However, I am here to tell you, that you might be not buying anything but even just opening some of these spams can be just enough to trigger an additional forwarding to all your contacts. First I had had this issue when one of my close relatives sent me spam. In summary was:

, Hurry to reserve your Free flight ticket to the Canary Islands!’’

But because he is my very close relatives, when reading the review, I have immediately called him. Surprise! He picked up saying:

-What’s up? I am working, can we talk later, I will call you when I am off from work ok?

Hearing that he was at work, and don’t have time even to talk, I was surprised that he was able to send me an e-mail, and I suspected something just not right. So I asked him:

-OK Fine, we can talk later, but did you send me an e-mail about free tickets to the Canary Islands?

He replied:

-What? I didn’t send anything to you, I don’t know what you were talking about, but I have to go now – will call you later.

We have discussed later and asked him to check his sent emails, but he said there was nothing there, no sent email to me or anyone, but some other people already called him as well asking him if these free tickets are genuine or not.

Then I asked him what did he do just before I called him, and he answered that he clicked like on a particular picture while he was visiting a web page of a well known social media site.

Spamming you it’s one thing, but once you become a spammer too, without even knowing about it, that’s not so great. Most people wouldn’t even bother calling you. Just think of you that you are sending some useless link again to click on. However, you as a sender wouldn’t even have any prove that you have ever sent these spams, as your assigned mailbox wouldn’t indicate that you ever sent any e-mail to anyone.

My final advise the following:

You do not click on spams, e-mails that you don’t know who they came from. I understand that some of them would have a very attempting summary, and some could be even sexual nature, but even opening such e-mails could compromise your details, and you might as well send the very same e-mail to all who are on your contact list, and that wouldn’t necessarily look professional.